• Captain Richard Kennedy and his 5 crew welcome you on board Anna J.

Anna J is where you will experience whatever you have set out to desire in a superyacht holiday. This state of the art, modern Italian designed and U.S. built Palmer Johnson sports line Motor Yacht is sure to thrill and its vibrant crew will try their best to make sure you leave with all your desires catered for.


Captain: Richard Kennedy
Richard Kennedy
Nationality: British/Australian
Age:      45
Qualifications: Master Class 4, Yacht-master Ocean Instructor and Examiner
Experience:  Sailed all Oceans of the world on both Motor and Sailing boats and has presently completed 265,000 sea miles.


Richard was born in England, lived in tropical north Queensland, Australia for 8 years and has now lived in Palma de Mallorca, Spain for the last 13 years with his family. He began his yachting career aboard Henry Ford II's private yacht. During the following 5 years he worked his way up to the position of Captain by age 21. In 1989 he moved to Australia where he started his own sailing academy, running a fleet of sailing boats around the Great Barrier Reef. He was appointed an examiner in Celestial navigation at the age of 27 and followed this up by gaining his Master Class 4 certificate.

In 1995 he returned to Europe where upon his next challenge was to spec and oversee the building of a high tech 32m motor yacht.
Richard was based in Rome, Italy from the drawing stage and took enormous pride in the resulting boat.
Since then he has overseen the building of 5 more Motor boats ranging up to 35m.

His present command Anna J comes from the infamous Palmer Johnson Yard and has just completed a major refit ready for this year’s charter season. As far as goals this coming year he hopes to sail around Cape Horn with a fellow Captain and good friend.

He welcomes you onboard and sincerely wishes your stay will be a memorable one.
His philosophy and welcoming approach will make you feel right at home.



Chef: Mike Vidler
Mike Viddler
Nationality: Australian
Age:      39
Qualifications: STCW 95
Experience:  Over 20 years experience as Head Chef on 70m superyachts to sailing classics, world tours with rock bands to banquets for Royals.

Mike was born and bred in Australia ,where He completed a full cooking apprenticeship. With over 20 years culinary experience his creative style of cooking has strong Asian influences, light crisp food from the Pacific Rim and experience with European, Mediterranean, Caribbean British and American cuisines make Mike the perfect charter boat Chef.

Mike has travelled the world cooking on Megayachts, completed over 20,000 ocean sea miles catering for Royalty and Hollywood superstars whilst maintaining an easy going, happy attitude to life.

His passions include sport fishing and scuba diving with over 1,500 dives completed. He looks forward to sharing his culinary delights with you! .



Chief Stewardess: Coria Massari
Coria Massari
Nationality: Italian/German
Age:      40
Qualifications: STCW. Deck rating. Sommeliers advanced. Yacht-master coastal skipper.
Experience:  10 years on private and commercial yachts throughout the Mediterranean.

Coria was born in Germany and spent much of her younger years living and working In Italy. She ran the family knife sharpening business for years so don’t mess with her. At the age of 30 she changed course and has worked with Captain Richard for the last 9 years.

Her standards onboard ship are incredible, the cleanliness, her attention to detail and her willingness to provide a first class service are second to none.

She always has a smile on her face and considers the finer things in life to be of the utmost importance. Service is her forte.

She is also a valuable member on deck, trained in seamanship and navigation.

Coria is an accomplished skier, a strong swimmer and speaks 4 languages, German, Italian, English and Spanish.



Engineer: Patrik Flyving
Patrik Flyving
Nationality: Swedish
Age:      30
Qualifications: Engineering A.E.C., Yacht master offshore Instructor Sailing and Windsurfing.
Experience:  Swedish Navy.

Patrik Flyving (known to the crew as Chief) was born in Sweden but has spent many of his years growing up on the sunny island of Mallorca, Spain.

His experience as engineer has accumulated from numerous years working in engineering companies specializing in Hydraulics and Electrics.

A voluntary year in the Swedish navy with special interest in Fire safety and communications paved the way for a future in yachting.

His passion for windsurfing (instructor), mountaineering and thai boxing keep him extremely fit.

He speaks English, Spanish and his native tongue. Patrik is a happy orientated person and a great addition to the Anna J crew.



Stewardess: Jennifer Critchley
Jennifer Critchley
Nationality: British
Age:      35
Qualifications: STCW 95, Competent crew.
Experience:  Sailed 25,000 nm.

Jennifer Critchley ( Pixie ) was born in England , but decided at the tender age of 17 that the Northern shores of France would become her new adopted home. Fluent in French she learned the fine art of wining and dining "avec finesse". Her continual smiley face is a joy and nothing is ever too much trouble from dawn till dusk.

She has sailed across many oceans accumulated an admirable 25,000 nm and claims she can talk to Dolphins.



Deck hand/Shadow Boat driver: Callum Kennedy
Callum Kennedy
Nationality: British/Australian
Age:      18
Qualifications: STCW 95, Power Boat Level 2.
Experience: Avid Dingy sailor, Wake board Level 2.

Callum Kennedy joins Anna J this season as Deck hand. He will also be responsible for the 8m Capelli Rib shadow boat. Born in Australia, Callum moved to Palma de Mallorca, Spain at the age of 4. Growing up on the sea he learnt to sail, became proficient with all types of water sports and loves his fishing.

He is a brilliant photographer / artist and has a skateboard sponsorship.

At 18 years he brings a youthful and charming addition to the Anna J crew!