“We want to thank you all for making our first boating adventure an amazing journey and unforgettable experience!
It is truly one we will never forget! We will see you all in a couple of years!!!
To the owners of the wonderful Anna J, thank you for allowing us to enjoy your absolutely gorgeous and luxurious boat.
A beautiful boat with an AMAZING crew aboard!”
Canadian Family July 2010
“Thank you to all of you for making our stay on board such a great and unforgettable experience.
Thank you to all of you for your kindness.
My daughters and I had a tremendous time aboard Anna J.
Everything was simply perfect! We hope to see all of you as soon as possible!”
Belgian Family August 2010
“Thanks guys for your wonderful attention and for being so perfect.
You made our stay ideal. Only a great captain has a great crew!
We loved every minute of this vacation, hope to see you soon!”
Russian Group August 2010
“A truly amazing holiday – thank you for making it so special for me.
Thank you for your incredible food and for making us so fat!!
You are all just amazing and whoever gets on next – enjoy the ride to heaven!”
English family August 2010
“A fantastic yacht only surpassed by the lovely crew!”
American family August 2010
“Thank you all for the last outstanding 5 days. Each of you is fantastic.
We are sure that Anna J wouldn’t be the same without this crew!”
Brazilian Group September 2010